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Luxury Island scents provides an aromatic infusion of luxury and well-being sealed into our handcrafted products.

Bahama Mama – A necessity while beaching in The Bahamas. This tropical cocktail includes a mix of pineapple, orange, strawberry, and coconut that is sure to bring back memories of palm trees, coconuts, and beaches.
Banana Bread – Early morning or late at night the scent of freshly baked banana bread, straight from Grammy’s kitchen, keeps you calm and optimistic from start to finish.
Berry Island Burst – The smell of freshly picked sweet and immune-boosting gooseberries takes you on a journey through the lush Bahamian bushes.
Eleuthera Pineapple – Freshly sliced homegrown pineapple offers an invigorating burst of energy and flavour.
Grand Bahama Pine – The natural scent of the Grand Bahama pine fills the island with a warm and peaceful fragrance just as it will your home.
Guava Duff – Hot and fluffy guava duff accentuates the fragrant guava fruit as it combines a sweet dough drizzled atop with a special butter sauce.
Gully Wash – A fun-loving and jovial blend of coconut water and sweet milk, taking you back to your favourite Bahamian beach.
Harbour Island Pink Sand – An exotic island-escape with a spirited mix of citrus, sweet florals, and spicy vanilla.
Pink Hibiscus – Alluringly beautiful, this delicate composition offers a slightly citrus floral fragrance that exudes vibrance and happiness.
Sweet Mango – Hot summer days produce mangos ripe to the touch! The aroma of this juicy fruit lingers in your nose and fills your soul with happiness.
Tropical Archipelago – A nostalgic tropical scent combination of native Bahamian fruits, such as pineapple, mango, coconut, and papaya take you back to “di islands.” 
Lavender – A clean, relaxing scent that invites serenity into your space.
Sage & Sweetgrass – A refreshing herbal fragrance that promotes clarity and healing.
Fresh Linen – The crisp and fresh scent of linens, straight from your outdoor clothesline on a breezy and sunny day.
Black Ice – A strong and earthy masculine scent of citrus and woods.
Bubble Gum – A playful scent of sweet bright pink bubble gum.

Aroma Beads sachets (50g) with Bahamian-Inspired, Standard, Seasonal or Aromatherapy Fragrances.

Hand Sanitizer mist or gel (2oz bottle) with Bahamian Inspired scents and essential oils.