RetroGames242 awakens the nostalgia for Retro Gaming with our product lines. This feeling has been expanded to our other products and services, to invoke the playful desire in us all.

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RetroGames242 Products and Services 





Nostalgia at its best, RetroGames242 takes you back to the 1980’s with the Original Nintendo line highlighting the iconic, Nintendo 64 line which brought you four player action.


Sony PlayStation


The company that revolutionized the gaming industry from then to now.



The company that brought you Sonic, we carry Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn and Sega Dreamcast.




We provide an array of Smart TVs, ranging from 32 to 50 inches. We carry brands such as Hisense, ONN, Westinghouse, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung just to name a few!



Board Games




Our board games allow you to be the best game night host, your game night will be filled with laughter and fun.



Kids' Corner 


Build your Child's curiosity with our Kids Tablets and educational kits ranging from Robots to RC cars.




Retro Games 242 Rentals 


Life-size Games


We have an extensive list of life-size games to choose from. They are all pictured above and include life-sized: Dominoes, Jenga, Connect Four and Basketball Throw. 




We have a wide range of Zorb Balls, Bouncing Castles and a Sports trainer which includes; soccer, football and baseball.


More Rentals


Electric Scooter 




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