Empire Pro AI Thermal Detector with TA System & Door Control

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Empire Pro AI Thermal Detector with TA System & Door Control

Increase safety with a quick temperature check.

The Empire Pro AITD-720 AI Thermal Detector adopts an AI chipset, large thermal sensor array and latest algorithm which provides cutting-edge face recognition and body temperature detection, with the ability to detect even with a mask on.

The AIDT-720 can check temperature, acts in access control, unlock doors and at the same time assist in checking in your staff or customers without contact.

Perfect for doctor's offices, restaurants, house of worship, gym/fitness studios, corporate environments, retail, airports, etc.

High Accuracy
• 0.2 C forehead temperature detection
• 99.9% Face recognition: the best solution for access control and time attendance system

Fast Detection
• 50ms temperature + 200ms face recognition measurement

Wide detection Range
• 0.3 m 1.2 m forehead body temperature detection
• 0.5 m 2 m face recognition

Wear mask recognition
• Support face recognition with face mask, recognition rate >95%
• Supports 1: 1 or 1: N face comparison

Attribute recognition
• Supports detection of race, hard hat, skin color, etc.

Super backlight suppression
• Support face exposure, automatic adjustment according to strong light
• Support nighttime 3D noise reduction, provide best quality in darkness

Variety of door access control
• Support face recognition or door access control

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