What Are Loyalty Programs

A rewards or loyalty program is when a company gives out incentives in order to encourage a particular behavior. This is a marketing strategy that allows companies to promote brand loyalty. An effective customer loyalty program, rewards customers who buy from a business on a regular basis, encouraging the customer to return frequently.

What's in a Loyalty App?

The loyalty options available for businesses are either paper cards or plastic point of sale cards. The benefit of paper cards are they are cheap and easy to implement. The downside is that for a business, they don’t know who has them, and for users they lose and forget them. Plastic loyalty cards are much better however they are very expensive and difficult to implement. There are barriers to customers joining up as they often involve lengthy form filling. Then on top of all this, customers still have to carry their cards around with them.

Bahama Mobile Stamp's loyalty app has the benefits of both these systems without the problems attached. Our punch card app is inexpensive to implement, links up your customer and loyalty transactions plus your customers will never lose or forget their loyalty card again.

Simply put, Bahama Mobile Stamp is a win-win for everyone!

As technology advances so does our new rewards program. You no longer have to pass out, stamp or clip a business size rewards card. Now your customers can use a app customized to your business inclusive of a cutting edge Smart Stamp and redeem their rewards.

This new program will allow your businesse to track customer data and participation, along with demographics as well as being packed with powerful features to aid in any of your marketing efforts.

Some of these features include:

- Customized Mobile & Tablet WebApps

- Digital Punch Cards

- Multiple Loyalty Programs

- Automated Messages

- Text Marketing

- Email Marketing

- Keep Customer Data

- Birthday Clubs

- Social Deals

- Instant & Limited Time Offers

- Google Map Store/PopUp Locations

- Text In Programs

- Plus More!

Our digital punch card app is suitable for cafes & coffee shops, hair salons, beauty, massage and nail parlours, restaurants and bars, hotels, car washes, vape stores, cinemas, and more – just contact us and we’ll talk you through how we can help your business increase customer loyalty and boost sales.

What is a loyalty app?

A loyalty app is a modern version of the traditional loyalty card. It allows customers to earn and keep track of their loyalty stamps or points using a smartphone app.

How do loyalty apps work?

A loyalty apps allow customers to earn and keep track of their loyalty points (or stamps) on a smartphone app. These stamps or points then translate into some type of reward (i.e a discount, freebie, or experience). The loyalty activity data is recorded and stored in a digital loyalty system, which the business can access and use to understand and communicate with their loyal customers.

What are the benefits of a loyalty app for a business?

A loyalty app allows businesses to understand, engage and communicate directly with their customers. If implemented effectively, this leads to increased customer retention and an increase in sales.

Branded Rewards Card Apps

Leading brands are recognizing the importance of Loyalty Apps in their marketing strategy. They provide direct access to their customer’s pockets and are an important ingredient in the overall customer retention and marketing strategy.
Platforms such as Bahama Mobile Stamp's Solutions offer private label and enterprise solutions that build these branded Rewards Card Apps and every business gets one!
The benefit of having a branded Rewards Card App is that the consumer downloads and is engaged directly with the clients brand. It is aligned with the brand message.






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